TellCard Systems, Inc, is proud to introduce its line of Electronic stand alone locks for use in locations where multiple keys would be an issue.   The E Lock Series is available in several versions including  a cylindrical Lock (EGT) as well as a Mortise Lock (EMR).  The basic unit features key by-pass, stainless steel back lit keypads, remote release contacts as well as external power terminals for 12-24 VAC or VDC.

Units are UL Fire Rated, and are powered with 4 AA Alkaline batteries.   They have been tested to operate up to 130,000 cycles, or the equivalent of approximately 2 years on one set of batteries.  The keypad has both a visual and audible indicator to alert user that  batteries have reached a level where they should be replaced.   LED and audible indicators also signal code acceptance, invalid code, lock and unlock positions.  

Assembled in the USA, the E Lock features a Grade 1 Certified chassis for both the cylindrical and mortise lock versions.   The electronics and PC boards are produced in the U.S. as is the software which was developed  by our TellCard Systems, Inc. engineering team. The unit fully meets the Buy American Act.  All software is the property of TellCard Systems, Inc.

The EGT Cylindrical lock series mounts on doors that have a 161 prep with only 3 additional holes making it one of the easier locks to install. All E Locks are weather resistant on both sides allowing for outside installations. The EGT handing is field reversible simplifying stocking  

Programming is a breeze.  Up to 100 individual codes can be input one after the other without having to re-initiate the program mode for each entry.   This allows you to program a string of codes simply and quickly.